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What is a LOSAP?

Length of Service Award Program – LOSAP – is designed specifically for emergency services volunteers, including volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMS workers. The program is designed to reward the emergency services volunteers for their service to the community as a supplemental retirement plan after they have attained an annual active service requirement. A LOSAP can also be called LOSA or HEROPLUS in states outside of New Jersey.

Purpose of Plan

  • Reward the volunteer for service to the community
  • Tax Deferred Income Benefits
  • Supplemental Retirement Plan

Tax Benefits

  • Pre-tax contribution through sponsoring agency
  • Tax deferred earnings accumulate on a compound basis until withdrawn
  • Certain taxes will be due upon withdrawal
  • No effect on other Pension Benefits, Social Security, or IRA contributions

Contribution Limits

  • Up to the maximum approved local limit
  • Federal maximum annual contribution - $6,000

Eligible Participants

  • Emergency services personnel who qualify under adopted LOSAP rules
  • Attaining annual active service requirements

Funds may be withdrawn (without IRS penalty), as follows

  • Separation from Volunteer Service
  • Financial Hardship
  • Disability
  • Death

Vested funds may be transferred - to a similar plan with another LOSAP plan. Funds cannot be transferred to an IRA.