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LOSAP Make It Happen For You!

Length of Service Award Program – LOSAP – is designed specifically for emergency services volunteers, including volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMS workers. The program is designed to reward the emergency services volunteers for their service to the community as a supplemental retirement plan after they have attained an annual active service requirement. A LOSAP can also be called LOSA or HEROPLUS in states outside of New Jersey.
This section is created to help Sponsoring Agencies, Fire Districts, and Government Agencies in the design and understanding of LOSAP. The program features expressed on this website are based on the Plan Document as filed with the IRS. This Plan Document was submitted to the IRS for a Private Letter Ruling with the cooperation of several entities.

National 457/LOSAP features
Call 1-800-445-2448 if you have comments, need assistance setting up a LOSAP plan, or have questions.

LOSAP Make It Happen For You!

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